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Narita Municipal Audio-Visual Service Center

Narita Municipal Audio-Visual Service Center

LastUpdate 2010/01/04
  • The audio-visual service center on the second floor lends out audio-visual material and equipment such as 16-mm films, film projectors and other types of projectors to schools and organizations for social education. Prospective users are requested to contact the library either in person or by phone.
  • In the audio-visual hall, film screening events are held on the first to last Sundays of the month, and on the first and second Saturdays, starting at 2:00 p.m. Programs to be screened are publicized in the "Koho Narita" newsletter and by means of posters and fliers.
  • In the audio-visual production room, you can produce materials by editing videos, among other activities. (Before you are permitted to borrow 16-mm film, film projectors, or use editing equipment, you will need to complete a training course.)

Contact us at:    27-2533