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Library Guide

LastUpdate 2010/04/01

About Material in the Library

Books in the library are valuable materials that belong to the public.
Should the book lent to you be returned with smeared or torn pages and be judged as unsuitable for future use, you may be requested to compensate the library for the damage.

Library Card

We issue library cards to residents of the city of Narita, commuters to the city and residents of certain areas outside the city (those living in the city of Tomisato and at Sakaemachi, Shisuimachi, Shibayamamachi, Kousakimachi and Takomachi).

Renewing Your Library Card

Your library card will be valid for up to three years.
When renewing your card, we will need to check your address and other details. Residents of the city will need to provide a document identifying their current address. Those who commute to the city to work or school will need to provide a document that can identify their commute destination, in addition to a document identifying the current address. Those who live outside the city of Narita will need to show a library card issued by a library in their locality, in addition to a document identifying the current address.
You are requested to notify the library of any change of registered information that may occur before your card expires.

Borrowing Books and Magazines

You can borrow books and magazines for a period of two weeks (except for the latest issues of magazines).
Those who live in or commute to the city may borrow up to ten items in total, and those living outside the city may borrow up to three items.

Borrowing CDs, Cassette Tapes, Video Tapes and/or DVDs

Those who live in or commute to the city may borrow up to two CDs/cassette tapes in total, or a video tape or DVD for a period of two weeks.

Returning materials

Please return borrowed materials directly to the circulation desk. You do not need to present your library card when returning borrowed materials.
When the library is closed, please place borrowed books into the book post (only installed at the central library, at the Narita, Tamatsukuri, Toyama and Taiei Branches and in the city office building). Notwithstanding the above, please do not place the following items into a book post: story-telling picture cards, large-size books, cassette tapes, video tapes, DVDs, and books/magazines with an attached CD, CD-ROM, cassette tape, etc.

When You Cannot Locate Desired Books

Please ask personnel at the help desk for assistance.

Request Service

If the book you are looking for has been lent out or you cannot find it, please use the request service. You can request up to ten books/magazines including ones that are not currently in stock, up to two CDs/cassette tapes that have been lent out, and one video tape or DVD that has been lent out. Please note that this request service is only available for residents of or commuters to the city of Narita.

Copy Service

A copy service is available and is limited to the material stored in the library within the limitation of the copyright law. (Billed at cost)

Internet Corner

Users are allowed to use an Internet access station (either on the first or second floor) once a day upon presentation of their library card or by having their current address checked. Information from the Internet cannot be printed out. No software other than a browser can be used.